A.R.O.H.A is...

  • Act kindly and gently;  
  • Respect yourself, others and the environment; 
  • Own your actions. Be honest; 
  • Have a positive attitude; 
  • Always do your best.  

Our pastoral care and behaviour management program has been developed around the idea of A.R.O.H.A. This reflects our school values of Perseverance, Respect, Integrity and Courage.  Aroha is the Maori word for love and at Bathgate Park School we encourage the love of learning; the love of our special place as well as the love and support of the people connected to it. 

Children are acknowledged for their positive attitude at school, their learning, along with their behaviour through our concept of A.R.O.H.A. 

Any difficult behaviour is dealt with in a firm and positive manner. The school’s behaviour management guidelines are available should you wish to view this.