Bathgate Park's school uniform can be purchased from NZ Uniform Shop, Moray Place, opposite the Countdown. To ensure that you have purchased the uniform in time for the new school year, we urge you to check out the uniform sizing options at the NZ Uniform Shop as soon as possible.

Sun hats: Sun hats are compulsory outdoor wearing for the summer, Terms one and four. New entrant enrolments will be issued with a sun hat. Sunhats can be purchased from NZ Uniform or the Warehouse.  Students Y0-6 must have a wide brim black hat.  Year 7 & 8 may wear this type or a plain black cap.  There must be no writing or logos on any of the hats.

At Bathgate Park ALL items of uniform may be worn by anyone.  The uniform options are:

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Black Jersey and / or
Black Full Zip Polar Fleece Jacket

Black & White Gingham Pinafore Dress

Black and White Gingham Shirt with

Black School Shorts or Black School Trousers or Black School Tracksuit Pants or Black School Skort or ie Faitaga (Pacific formal lavalava).  

Black School Socks with white and black top or White socks (above ankle)
Black, shoes any kind as long as 100% black. Black soles and laces.  Summer sandals may also be worn (except by Year 7 & 8 students on Technology days)

Physical Education Uniform for Pūawai classes - Uenuku; Rūaumoko & Tāwhaki (Year 4-8 Students)

Black Logo Polo Shirt
Black Sports Short